Cob House

Beautiful Eco Friendly Natural Built Homes

Published on Oct 30, 2012 by Moonlight Windsong

A collection of various artistic designs of cob and natural built homes.
Contains a selection of pictures with kind permission from
Music is from Dan Gibson's Nature Sounds - Solitudes album - song Walking through the Forest.


The Eco-Sense House - Natural Building, Natural Living (superseded)

Published on Mar 20, 2013

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The Eco-Sense House is alive! From dream (see episode 103*) to reality. Its curving cob walls embrace Ann and Gord Bairdapos's three-generation family. A living roof offers summer cooling and filters winter rains stored for garden water. The composting toilet provides rich soil for the veggie gardens, which supply much of the familyapos;s food. This "net zero energy" house uses the sun for electricity, hot water, and warm floors. Tour this small-footprint house, designed as part of the ecosystem surrounding it. Episode 230. 
*Building an Ecologically Sensible Home

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This Cob house teaser is from with a great many other wonderful features.

Now that you have been tantalized to this possability read on

Cob Construction  

by Michael G. Smith

The Building Code

by John Fordice



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